Tactical trading ideas for short-term horizons

Our strategy desk is dedicated to generating themes and ideas that complement short-term trading strategies. Our clients have access to our stock picks, trading ideas, market studies and our latest technical charts. All of our ideas and recommendations are underpinned by our established in-house quantitative process, and we provide bespoke support to clients who want to actively manage their own portfolio.

Daily insights

Our Daily Letter is dedicated to market themes that match our major convictions, and features research on seasonality, earnings, macro data and sectors.

Weekly ideas

Through our dedicated Customer Service Office, our clients have access to our worldwide quantitative process, current themes and ideas. Technical updates and macro data are also available on a weekly basis.

Established quantitative process

Our ideas are underpinned by our established in-house quantitative process which captures significant market signals and provides short-term analysis to help fine-tune trading strategies. Direct access to our quantitative process and stock screening is available.