We understand how important it is for families to pass wealth and values across generations. As a result of that understanding, TRADEX formed a dedicated team with unique experience, independence and flexibility to provide philanthropy services for the most complex client circumstances.


We support the charitable activities of families by:

  • Evaluating the best way to carry out charitable intentions, whether through direct gifts, a private foundation or with a donor-advised fund
  • Assisting with mission development and affirmation so that the family’s beliefs and values match their charitable giving
  • Structuring more complex charitable gifts, whether in trust or simply involving non-traditional gift assets like real estate, oil and gas properties or private business interests
  • Facilitating family charitable activities, including family meetings
  • Recommending grants from private foundations and donor-advised funds, conducting charitable due diligence and preparing proposed gift agreements


We provide administrative and operational support for charitable organizations, including private foundations, by:

  • Managing investments and providing accounting and administrative support
  • Providing “back office” management for the operation of the organization, including administration and review of grants, preparation of gift agreements and charitable due diligence
  • Customizing grant applications, guidelines or policy formation
  • Coordinating applicant and grantee communication, site visits and grant meetings
  • Evaluating organizational policies and procedures
  • Facilitating board meetings and organizational record keeping