Responsible Investment ensures Tradex’ overall investment process takes financial material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks into consideration in order to achieve long-term economic benefits for our clients and raise awareness and transparency of these risks.

Achieving long-term economic benefits for our clients

Responsible Investment combines financial assessment with information regarding ESG risks and is built upon the understanding that key extra-financial factors, such as corporate governance, vulnerability to climate change, water supply stress, product safety and quality, and corruption and instability can have a significant influence on a company’s financial success. We strongly believe that firms recognizing the importance of these factors manage industry-specific risks more efficiently than their competitors and will be able to report more perennial profitability and creditworthiness. In doing so, the underlying goal is to capture various risks to achieve what is economically profitable for our clients in the long run.

Integrating Responsible Investment into the investment process

In order to minimize ESG risks in the investments of our clients, Tradex uses company ESG ratings to assist research analysts, portfolio managers, and investment advisors to identify financial material ESG risks in the investment process. Tradex takes an inclusive approach by actively screening our investment universe and challenging companies with the lowest ESG ratings in order to fully understand the entailed ESG risks in addition to traditional financial analysis.