Adding value everywhere

Our long-term success depends on whether we can add sustainable value to client’s investments. This value primarily makes emphasis on quality across every aspect of our business – from client service to investment communications, from administration to corporate governance. That’s why we focus in a few markets and strategies where we believe we have the resources to underpin such a commitment to sustained value. We think carefully before entering new markets; and we try to manage growth at a rate that does not compromise the standards our clients expect of us.

Being the best we can

We have a strategy for growth based on achieving long-term results for our existing clients, while also improving the distribution and penetration of our products among new client markets. To achieve our goal, we rely on attracting and retaining bright, motivated individuals focused on working diligently, efficiently and with integrity. We look to foster a workforce that is mindful of its responsibilities to one another and of our wider corporate responsibilities as a firm.

Pooling collective talent

Since TRADEX’ beginning, we have valued a culture of openness, mutual dependency and collective purpose. We organize our analysts in regional teams, so every one of them has a voice. And by following investment processes that are clear, systematic and where all information is shared, we think this leads to better outcomes than if a star fund manager were in charge. We strongly believe that the combination of experienced hands and fresh minds invigorates our thinking and can lead to better performance. That’s true in every aspect of our business – not just our investment teams.


We expect everyone at TRADEX to work to the best of their ability in the interests of our clients. We strive never to sacrifice long-term good for short-term gain, and we seek to set the standards for good practice. We recognize that conflicts of interest can arise – we manage them by being transparent, open and making clear where we believe a course of action is unwise or unethical.

Bringing a fresh perspective

Financial markets are fickle and experience has reinforced our natural skepticism. At TRADEX we rarely take what markets say on trust. Our skill lies in our willingness to ask questions, to buck consensus if need be, and to do our own research to arrive at clear judgements. This attitude informs how we approach our business overall. We encourage everyone to think afresh and not do something just because “that’s the way it has always been done”. By constantly asking questions we aim to arrive at better answers.

Corporate culture

At TRADEX, we have always had a strong cultural identity and we want to present the fundamental attributes of this – predominantly our focus on teamwork, long-termism, openness and simplicity. But we also recognize that, as the company grows, our culture has to be actively articulated, shared, managed and monitored across our global offices. Our Culture Committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Board, Risk, Compliance, HR, Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Brand departments, is tasked with looking at the culture we currently have and how we can better safeguard, manage, monitor and improve it.