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Investing is a personal thing – and is often an emotional affair. That’s fine when you can also rely on the objective recommendations and professional know-how of our investment experts. This allows you to achieve the best-possible investment results.

The three pillars of your investment success

If you’d like to invest money over the long term, we recommend that you bear the following three factors in mind: analysis, strategy and discipline. You can also rely on our investment advisors’ know-how. In an advisory consultation, we’ll analyze your personal financial situation, decide on an investment strategy and help you implement it in a disciplined way.


What opportunities are currently available on the markets and what risks need to be taken into account? Our investment experts will perform a comprehensive analysis for you.
TRADEX has hundreds of economists and investment specialists around the world observing the financial markets – day by day and around the clock. Our experts regularly produce analyses of various markets and asset classes. This data flows into the TRADEX House View – our investment policy – which forms the basis for our investment advice. This enables us to assess potential risks in an objective way and be among the first to spot opportunities on the markets. At the end of the day, successful investing depends on evidence-based and rational decision-making.

  • A review of market events
  • Forecasts for future market developments and corresponding recommendations
  • Specialist articles and interviews with investment experts
  • Product recommendations


How can your financial targets be brought into line with your needs and your risk appetite? We develop the right strategy for your portfolio.
Designing an investment strategy is about developing a tailor-made solution. It won’t actually fit you unless it reflects your potential, needs and objectives. That’s why the personal consultation is all about you and what matters to you:

  • What is your financial situation?
  • What sort of returns do you expect?
  • What is your capacity for risk?
  • What do you want to achieve in the long term? And in the short term?

We’ll take your answers to these and other questions and use them to work out your own personal investment profile and the strategy that’s right for you.


Do you pursue your investment strategy and investment priorities systematically? We support you in implementing your strategy and, where necessary, propose adjustments.
When investing, you need to plan for the long term and look to the future. There’s no place for spontaneous actions or for decisions based on emotion. You need to take the long-term view, and our investment experts can do that. Starting from the investment strategy that we’ve worked out, we work with you on building up a wide-ranging portfolio made up of the mix of equities, bonds and, on request, also alternative investments. But even the best investment strategy needs to be consistently applied if it’s to really work. We are here to help you.