Security Centre


Protecting you is our priority. We work tirelessly to keep your money and identity safe, TRADEX maintains accounts in the main Clearing Houses around the world with accounts in local banks in each region of the globe.

A Clearing House is a special financial institution that carries the responsibility for protecting the financial assets of individuals or companies. These institutions can also be called simply custodians. Such outfits serve as a third party check that protects the assets they are guarding against the fund managers and any illegal activities they may pursue.

Clearing Houses provide reports on every trade or deal which they transact on behalf of the clients. They must be consistently delivered. Along with these reports they furnish information on the companies whose assets they hold besides information on general meetings. When a custodian is holding foreign shares or bonds, they will also have to change currencies as necessary. This is the case when the fund manager buys or sells foreign currency assets. It is also necessary when companies pay out dividends or bonds receive interest with these overseas financial instruments. Clearing Houses are a critical component of the modern investment environment. Without them to carry out these functions, all of the important financial record keeping and housekeeping items would be neglected.

We independently choose the best sub-custodians in each market using a rigorous process with regular evaluations to ensure top-quality service.

Through our many years of experience, we have established strong relationships with key sector participants around the globe to ensure our clients the best options and the support of specialized international teams.