Security Centre


Protecting you against fraud is our priority. We work tirelessly to keep your money and identity safe and to help you spot anything suspicious.

If you suspect fraud or have any concerns, call our Fraud team any time 24 hours a day on 852 300 85899. You can also speak to your TRADEX adviser.

If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious email, please forward it to If you have responded or clicked any links call us immediately.

  • Never disclose your PIN or online security codes to anyone. We will never, ever ask you for them by phone, text or email
  • Be wary of clicking on links or attachments in emails, particularly if you are not expecting to receive it
  • Install anti-virus/firewall software on all of your devices (eg computers, tablets, phones, etc) and update it regularly
  • Remember that caller display cannot always be trusted and callers may not be who they say they are. If in doubt, hang up and call us back on a number you recognize from a different phone
  • Choose strong passwords and do not use the same PIN and password for everything.
  • Keep your bank updated with new contact details.
  • Check your statements and report anything you do not recognize.
  • Securely store financial and other valuable documents, such as your passport
  • Ensure you dispose of documents diligently (for example, use a cross cut shredder to destroy statements when no longer required).

Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

We take the safeguarding of your information seriously. In fact, we believe keeping your information safe and secure is every employee’s responsibility. However, even the best security measures can only prevent fraud if you are also vigilant about employing the necessary safeguards to protect your information.

Our customers have been inquiring about whether customers can provide TRADEX account information to third party aggregators so that they can view account information from multiple financial organizations in one location. At TRADEX, we take the protection of your assets and data seriously. You should be aware that when you disclose your TD user names and passwords to any other party, including third party aggregators or password managers, TRADEX is not responsible for losses resulting from this disclosure or the use of such services except as provided in our customer agreements. Prior to sharing any account information and passwords with such third parties, please review the customer agreements you have with us and with them to better understand risks and liabilities. It is important to understand what is being done, and by who, to protect your assets and financial information before you avail yourself of third party service providers.